Improving Patient Pathways and Capacity with a Real-Time Centralised Patient Placement Model

14:30 - 14:50
25 April 2017

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is improving patient pathways and capacity through the use of real-time Patient Flow and Tracking solutions.

David Loughton, Chief Executive, will explain the trailblazing initiatives that are transitioning the Trust from an environment of siloed and disjoined patient pathways to a centralised model that optimises patient throughput, access and quality by providing staff with real-time location and status visibility to all in-patients, beds and equipment across the organisation.

For the IT transformation programme, the Trust partnered with TeleTracking Technologies. President Michael Gallup will illustrate the strong statistical models used to deliver this centralised approach and the resulting benefits including increased bed availability, real-time visibility to assets, staff and patients, and infection spread prevention.



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