Evaluation of a Rapid and Simple Method for Enumerating Legionella pneumophila from Water

11:30 - 12:00
26 April 2017

Legionella pneumophila is an opportunistic pathogen of major concern. This presentation will present the results of a comparison of the performance of a novel and simple MPN method (Legiolert/Quanti-Tray) with the widely used ISO 11731-2 membrane filtration method for the enumeration of L. pneumophila from water. Data from a multi-laboratory study analysed according to ISO 17994 showed that Legiolert™/Quanti-Tray® yielded on average higher counts of L. pneumophila. The Legiolert medium had a high specificity of 96.4%. The new method represents a significant improvement in efficiency and simplicity of the enumeration of L. pneumophila from water samples.



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