Efficiency in Workforce Development

16:00 - 16:30
25 April 2017

The NHS workforce across all disciplines (clinical, non-clinical, and support service functions including Estates & Facilities) will require significant transformation to keep pace with the changing service and financial environment.  The new national Apprenticeship Levy creates opportunities, but has significant cost and organisational implications alongside.

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is pursuing a multi-dimensional approach to workforce transformation – creating coherent career development pathways for NHS staff, delivering sustainable pay cost reductions overall, and ensuring improvements in the quality and safety of patient care.  New roles range from volunteers/student volunteers and ‘direct entry’ apprentices to Clinical Assistants, Nursing and Physician Associates.  This approach supports new models of care.  Research indicates that interesting and engaging roles for staff are also expected to confer a range of organisation and patient benefits, including improved clinical outcomes.

Supported by Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex and clinically-led, the Trust currently has 13 ongoing and interlocking development projects, including the procurement of an innovative ‘prime provider’ model to establish a BSUH Apprenticeship Academy with partners.

The need for workforce transformation is made more urgent by the £486m redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, the first major stage of which opens in 2020.  This will deliver a step-increase in capacity in clinical services known to have national and local supply-side/recruitment challenges, and significant changes in physical design (proportion of single rooms, size, layout of facilities), for which innovative approaches to staffing models and role design will be critical.

The presentation will highlight the approach being taken and how it is being developed and implemented in practice.  It will identify key learning points and the experiences of developing this programme in a dynamic and operationally-pressured environment whilst ensuring clinical leadership and engagement.


  • Nick Groves Associate Director (3Ts Service Modernisation) & Trust Workforce Transformation Lead - Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Professor Duane Passman Director of 3 Ts - Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust


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