Creating Continuous Innovation

14:00 - 14:30
25 April 2017

Following last year’s keynote presentation at the Healthcare Estates exhibition and conference, on creating an Innovation Hub as part of a new hospital development, this presentation looks at some of the specific outputs of the Innovation Hub built into Alder Hey.

Included in this are:

A patient’s Avatar that accompanies children into the hospital and helps orientate/engage/distract and reward children as they undergo imaging/operations in theatre/outpatient consultations/in-patient stays. This is enabled by middleware that is built into the PFI that allows flow between the BMS and clinical systems.

Sensor technology that can revolutionise healthcare techniques including picking up molecules in blood such as haemoglobin and lactate without having to take blood with a needle.

An Apps hopper in partnership with a gaming company and funded by venture capital that allows staff and patients to present problems and ideas/filter and select ideas and build apps that solve problems.

The idea is to create a hub where new ideas can be generated and spread around the NHS.



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