BIM, Smart Asset Management, Internet of Things & Energy

15:10 - 15:30
25 April 2017

The Smart Asset Management (SAM) project supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) and an understanding of BIM and NEC3, aims to provide a solid foundation for greater certainty regarding capital and operational expenditure as well as ongoing asset measurement, performance refinements and component evaluation. All of which, are seen as tangible outputs for clients with identifiable cost savings and continuous quality improvements, it also has the added benefit of being wrapped up and packaged in a transparent, easy to access and usable process that will help with procurement times, inventory management and many more key issues facing the many sectors dealing with estates and facilities management. The SAM system provides the perfect two-way information flow from product manufacturer through to the client and more importantly back the other way. This two-way process develops a granular understanding of the asset and individual components in the chosen environment in which it is operating. The data flowing from SAM, utilising the unlimited potential of the IoT, is growing and unearthing new valuable opportunities for the client to save key resources and clearly demonstrate cost savings to Financial Directors and CEOs alike. Our focus has already captured various benefits and we are now tackling ‘Energy’ opportunities. This Energy focus could be target and approached from numerous angles but the obvious starting point will be low lying quick wins e.g. lighting air handling units and bringing them to life as part the creation of a differentiating service and solutions for clients. It is seen as a modular, joined-up service and solution underpinned by SAM, demonstrating tangible business outcomes via IoT, Mobile devices, Big-Data, BIM and NEC3 methodologies and articulated with use of Augmented Reality to help deliver the message, which includes a reduction in down- time, improvements in inventory management, cost savings and much more.


  • Karl Redmond Business & Finance Director - Enable By Design


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