The presentation will cover energy efficiency technologies and distributed energy generations projects in hospitals and the opportunity for hospitals to save money, cut carbon emissions and make infrastructure more robust.

Following numerous requests from the Healthcare industry and findings from the Lord Carter Report, SFG20 has been aligned to the HTM’s (Health Technical Memorandum) and produced  the ‘Healthcare Functional Set’.

The new HTM aligned set covers all of the traditional M&E requirements adjusted to suit healthcare but also covers specialist areas such as Medical Gases and Decontamination. The introduction of SFG20 into a healthcare estates maintenance regime will;

  • save time, energy and money
  • enable you to stay complaint
  • empower you to defend maintenance budgets
  • allow you to project manage more effectively.

With the Government Apprenticeship Levy now in effect we will be discussing how we have led our particular Trailblazers scheme, explain our award winning journey so far and share the proven benefits of apprentices to deliver a sustainable business

 Build upon the article in September 2015 HEJ and explain the benefits of apprentices and how this supports IHEEM’s drive for 2017
 Explain Investors in People (IiP)
 The CSR implications and benefits to society
 To fill the skills gap
 To promote and support a sustainable business
 An overview of IiP
 An overview of the apprenticeship scheme
 Process and procedures
 Importance of formal recognition of schemes by Trailblazers
 Supporting organisations who can help with the process (such as National Apprenticeship Service)
 Industry exchange programmes and benefits
 Explain proven benefits of apprentices to organisations including metrics
 Lessons learnt from our journey
 A diverse workforce and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)
 National Awards and recognition to raise profile of Healthcare Services and its professionals
 A talk by our current apprentices on their experiences

Using his extensive knowledge and experience Jonathan will start by explaining how hospital sanitaryware has evolved.

He will explain when infection control issues were first recognized and how it has effected the design and also what effect these have had on hospitals and patient safety?

Jonathan will then explain what he believes are the key factors within the overall process of delivering effective innovation – from understanding what needs to change – through to developing the ideas, selecting the right ones and launching them.

Finally the presentation will take a look into the future. What factors will drive innovation in sanitary design? What will the products look like? How will they work?