The Countess of Chester Hospital: CEF Framework has piloted an innovative approach to combining proven engineering with new legal structures and it is on target to deliver guaranteed gross savings of over £2m per annum for 15 years for three Trusts. The approach is repeatable and has the potential to create c£25m of savings for the NHS.

• What is PEPPOL?
• Benefits to the public sector community and supply chain
• Results of PEPPOL implementation to date
• What’s next for PEPPOL?

HTM-00 2014 and how the varying degrees of competency, and potential shortcomings, can effect over compliance within the hospital environment.

Speaker: Helen Loomes, Business Development Director, Trilux

Human Centric Light in practise – Simply getting the biological rhythm going

As our understanding of the human biological responses to lighting is increasing and gaining in acceptance, I will recap on the biology of light and its effect on our circadian rhythms.  The approach goes beyond our standard way of designing, focusing only on lighting and energy efficiency criteria. The direct effect of light on human well-being and health, and biologically effective light is a part of this.  I will look at some projects that have incorporated lighting which tries to mimic daylight and how the results are being viewed.  Different applications will use this biological effect to different ends, the two most obvious ones being Education and Healthcare.

Within the education sector I will look at a case study on a successful Academy, which has had impressive and measurable results and also a university which is still in the building stage.

For healthcare I will look at some research currently being carried out and  how it is now being used to improve the environment for elderly people.  This will include a case study on the new dementia wards at  Ipswich Hospital and some trials being done in Scotland.

Finally I will look at some recent findings and discussions, debating how this knowledge can be incorporated into new projects.  Will this be the future focus for our living and working spaces?